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Chrstian Sarron
Maynard James Keenan


Most of my work I do as a hobby and purely for enjoyment, therefore I can paint whatever I choose in whatever style I choose. The following information will give you some clues to my subject matter.


I'm an avid music fan, mainly from the progressive rock/heavy rock genres. Bands I frequently listen to are, amongst others, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Tool. Tips of the hat to these maestros can be seen in some of my renditions.

I am also a keen motorcyclist and for nearly thirty years voluntarily taught motorcyclists from novice right through to advanced standard. I still enjoy the performance of two wheels and a large engine.

Buildings and architecture also feature in my watercolours, particularly old buildings, vernacular cottages and Victorian schools and factories. I can appreciate the design and the carpentry and joinery techniques used because I taught this trade for many years and while I'm painting the picture I feel attuned to the subject.

As my art develops so does my choice of artists. More recently I found myself recreating - in my style - the work of Walter Sickert and his Red Shop. Whilst Sickert was painting his picture in France during 1888 he was on the list of Jack The Ripper murder suspects, although this was later dropped because he was in France at the time of the murders.

...and so the inspirational wheel turns. 

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